Women's Economic Empowerment
& Financial Inclusion Festival
Abidjan Nov. 26 & 27, 2022

Women have broad a positive impacts on the economy, through their presence in business, agriculture and industry, as domestic workers, market traders, migrant workers, and in all remuneration they provide. However, despite this progress, obstacles to the equal and full participation of women, and the absence of a truly enabling environment persist today. The Festival will also allow young people to find the means to act, to enable young Africans to engage in income-generating activities which will not only allow them to eat properly, but also improve their wellbeing. It is in this spirit that
SUD DEVELOPPEMENT with its partners have implemented actions to mobilize economic actors, States, development actors and NGOs
to act together. The WeeFi Festival will reflect this in several countries.

WeeFi Festival in Africa

WeeFi Caravan

The WeeFi Festival in 2022 will be organized through caravans of sensitization in 2 countries: Ivory Coast and Senegal and other countries will be added in 2023 The festival will be the occasion of several meetings with the populations in 3 or 4 cities in each country through a small caravan. Then, arrivals in Abidjan and Dakar, where the main activities of the Festival will be held (workshops, conferences, debates, exhibition, concerts...

WeeFi Village

Several associations will be brought together in the associative village ; A unique opportunity for meetings, exchanges and dialogues through conferences, information and training workshops. A moment of exchange with Government and International agencies, private sector, NGO… The partners will be brought to exchange with the women on their activities and services. 3 days of moments of exchange of experiences

WeeFi House

At the end of the WeeFi festival, the house of economic empowerment and financial inclusion for women will be built in Abidjan. This house dedicated to accompany women will perpetuate some WeeFi festival actions in some country's Co-organizer of the Festival. It will be created in partnership with the private and public sectors.

Weefi e-market

Promoting women's products and services will be the priority of WeeFi festival. Within the festival village, a dedicated marketplace will be create. An online platform will be created it will allow them to permanently sell their products locally and internationally. Women will be trained and supported to increase their income.


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Each year, the festival will offer highlights, around problems related to employment, training, the economic role of women in societies

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The economic empowerment and financial inclusion of women is a crucial issue for the development of countries.

The festival will be a means to sensitize the international community and help women to have more income generating activities

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